Experienced data scientist with proven track record of developing AI based models for various industrial applications including telecommunications, security, eCommerce, gaming, mining, social media, health analytics and online real time targeted mobile advertising (the list of companies for whom I have developed algorithms is available below). Known for deriving actionable insights from big data using various data and text mining techniques, statistical models, optimization techniques, regression models, machine learning and deep learning algorithms and time-series modelling.


Senior Data Scientist/Engineer at Cmd

More than 5 years of experience in machine learning algorithm development including, clustering (hierarchical clustering, k-means), classification (Support Vector Machines, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Neural Networks, etc), regression (linear, logistic), feature selection (filter and wrapper based) and extraction (PCA, SVD) algorithms, anomaly and threat detection techniques, and behavior analysis models for various industrial applications.

More than 10+ years of research experience in designing algorithms using concepts of Information theory, computer networks, signal processing, security, and statistical data analysis. Published more than 30 papers in top-tier journals/conferences and involved in various professional activities. One of the paper titled, "Analytics: key to go from storing big data to deriving business value" has been viewed for more than 2000 times.